Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Mon.—Fri. 7:45am—8:15am
Sat. 3:30pm—4:15pm

Monday - 6-7 PM
Tuesday 9-10 AM
Holy Masses:
Mon.—Fri. 8:30am
Sat. 4:30pm
Sun. 8:30am & 10:30am

09:00AM to 03:00 PM Monday-Friday

Dates in RED are special holy days of obligation


6th Adoration 6pm

7th Liturgy meeting 6pm

7th K of C Social Nite-TBA

9th Bingo- Team Green -Caller Ed

10th Stations of the cross - 12:15 & 7pm

10th Fish Fry-(Parish Hall)- 5-7pm

12th Breakfast 8am - Noon

12th Spring Break (No classes)

13th funeral

13th Adoration 6pm

14th Craft fair meeting 6pm

14th K of C Council Meeting 7:30PM

16th Bingo- Team Orange -Caller Robert

17th Fish Fry-(Parish Hall)- 5-7pm

17th Stations of the Cross - 12:15 & 7pm

18th Confirmation Retreat, Reconciliation, Practice

18th Parish Flea Market-7am

19th Spring Break (No classes)

19th - Confirmation Mass - Bishop Noonan-10:30 Mass

20th Adoration 6pm

21st K of C Assembly Meeting 7:30PM

22nd Fraternal BenefitsNite/ Open House 6:30PM

23rd Bingo- Team Red - Caller Terry

24th Stations of the Cross - 12:15 & 7pm

24th Fish Fry-(Parish Hall)- 5-7pm

26th Reconciliation for Grades 7-8

28th K of C Council Officer/Planning Meeting 7:30pm

30th Bingo- Team Blue -Caller Robert

31st Stations of the Cross - 12:15 & 7pm

31st Legion of Mary- Long Sleeve Shirt Program ends

31st Fish Fry-(Parish Hall)- 5-7pm


1st K of C Scholarship/ Essay Contest Begins

2nd Palm Sunday-No Classes

4th Healing Mass 10:30am

6th Holy Mass of the Lord's Supper - 7pm

6th Adoration - the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until midnight (Parrish Hall) 8-12am


7th Good Friday Solemn Liturgy of the Word, Veneration, and Holy Communion at 3pm

7th Confessions at 6:30pm-7:00pm

7th Stations of the Cross at 7pm

8th Easter Vigil Mass 8:00pm (no 4:30pm Mass)

9th Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

      Masses at 8:30am & 10:30am

11th K of C-Council 11348 Business Meeting 7:30pM

13th Bingo- Team Green -Caller Ed

15th Parish Flea Market 7:00am

16th Classes 9:40 to 10:20am

17th K of C Degree of Charity,Unity & Fraternity (Church) 7:00pm

18th K of C Assembly Meeting - Nominations 7:30pm

20th Bingo- Team Orange -Caller Robert

22nd K of C Keep Brevard Beautiful Project (Statham Park) 9am

23rd Classes 9:40 to 10:20am

25th K of C-Officer/Planning meeting 7:30pm

27th Bingo- Team Red - Caller Terry

29th Dinner - Roasted Chicken - 6pm

30th Classes 9:40 to 10:20am

30th K of C Scholarship/ Essay Contect Concludes


If you have placed a mass intention, it is customary for the requester to present the gifts during mass.  If you wish to do so please contact the sacristan in the back of the church prior to the mass beginning.           


WED January 11th          

8:30am:  People of the Parish


MON March 6th            

8:30am: + Walter Bisuden


TUES March 7th            

8:30am: Sp Int for Ed Johnson & All Franciscans

                                                                                                                                WED March 8th             

8:30am:  People of the Parish

THU March 9th              

8:30am:  +  Peter Due Hoang & Matta Hao T Hoang


FRI  March 10th             

8:30am:  +  Patricia Zielinski   

SAT March 11th              

4:30pm:  +  Peter Due Hoang

Sun March 12th               

8:30am:  +  Peter Due Hoang & Matta Hao T Hoang            10:30am:  +  Teresa Hoang T Nhi

MON March 13th          

8:30am: Sp Int for All Who Serve Others      

TUES March 14th          

8:30am: + Staff Sargent Carl Enis & Master Sargent Billy Posch

WED March 15th         

8:30am: + Matta Hao T Hoang                   

THU March 16th           

8:30am:  + Nora Kaboord          

FRI  March 17th             

8:30am:  +  Denny Toolan

SAT March 18th             

4:30pm:  + Richard A.V. Marra

SUN March 19th            

8:30am: + Dc Richard & Marge Basso

10:30am: + Wayne Marcelle & Mary Marcelle

MON March 20th         

8:30am: + Peter Due Hoang & Matta Hao T Hoang


TUES March 21st          

8:30am: + Firefighter Billy Moore

WED March 22nd         

8:30am: People of the Parish

THU March 23rd           

8:30am:  + Yvonne Scheiner          

FRI  March 24th             

8:30am:  +  Major Ben Brown  

SAT March 25th             

4:30pm:  +  Rita Hudzik

SUN March 26th            

8:30am:  + Yvonne Scheiner

10:30am:  + John Lauter, Sr

MON March 27th         

8:30am: + Matha Nguyen Thi Tinh        

TUES March 28th         

8:30am: + Fr. Emil Jarco

WED March 29th         

8:30am: People of the Parish

THU March 30th          

8:30am:  + Peter Due Hoang & Matta Hao T Hoang


FRI  March 31st            

8:30am:  +  Fr. Tadecisz Koncewicz

SAT April 1st                 

4:30pm:  +  Marici Jimenez, Fransisco Leonardo & Miguel Lorn

SUN April 2nd               

8:30am:  +  John Emo

10:30am:  +  John Lauter, Sr.






 Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church is located at 5135 North Cocoa Blvd. in Cocoa, Florida. Our parish was founded in 1967 and has served the people of North Brevard for over 50 years. Ground breaking ceremonies for the church were held in 1969 and the first mass was celebrated on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1969. Over the years the people of Blessed Sacrament have worked hard to create a loving, welcoming environment where all are welcome. Come celebrate with us.

Let us continue to pray for our country and the world and to put our trust in God.