Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus
Calendar  2018

2nd                  Council Audit                                                                         7:30pm
9th                   Council Meeting                                                                     7:30pm
13th                 KofC Taco Nite Dinner                                                          6pm-8pm
16th                 4th Degree Renewal of Obligation      (Church Hall)            7:30pm
20th                 Parish Flea Market (Assembly)                                              7:00am
23rd                 Officer Meeting                                                                      7:30pm
26th-28th           Parish Festival (Beer Booth)                                                   TBA
30th                 Bowling Social Nite                            (River Lanes)             7:00pm

3rd                   Tent Tear-Down                                                                      10:00am
6th                   Open – To Be Announced                                                                 
13th                 Council Meeting                                                                     7:30pm
17th                 Parish Flea Market (Assembly)                                               7:00am
20th                 Assembly Meeting                                                                  7:30pm
27th                 Officer Meeting                                                                      7:30pm
6th                   Council Meeting                                                                     7:30pm
17th                 Parish Flea Market (Assembly)                                               7:00am
20th                 Assembly Meeting                                                                  7:30pm
27th                 Officer/Planning Meeting                                                       7:30pm
29th                 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FOUNDERS’ DAY                                                                                     

1st                   East Egg Hunt                                      (Church Grounds)    9:45am
2nd                  Essay Contest Begins              
10th                 Council Meeting                                                                     7:30pm
14th-15th         Spring Membership Drive                                                   All Masses        
17th                 Assembly Meeting - Nominations                                          7:30pm
18th                 Membership Open House                                                       7:00pm  
21st                 Parish Flea Market (Assembly)                                               7:00am
23rd                 First Degree                                        (Church)                    7:00pm       
24th                 Officer/Planning Meeting                                                       7:30pm
30th                 Essay Contest Concludes                                                      

1st                   Open – To Be Announced                                                      7:30pm
5th                   First Responders Mass                                                            4:30pm           
8th                   Council Meeting - Nominations                                              7:30pm
13th                 Mothers’ Day Breakfast                     (Church Hall)            9:30am
13th                 First Communion                                                                    10:30am 
15th                 Assembly Meeting – Elections                                               7:30pm
19th                 Parish Flea Market (Assembly)                                               7:00am
22nd                Officer/Planning Meeting                                                       7:30pm
25th-27th        State Convention                                (Orlando)
29th                 Calendar Workshop                                                                7:30pm                                   

5th                   Budget Workshop                                                                   7:30pm
12th                 Council Meeting - Elections                                                   7:30pm
16th                 Parish Flea Market (Assembly)                                               7:00am
16th                 Father/Daughter Dance                       (Church Hall)            6:00pm 
19th                 Assembly Meeting                                                                  7:30pm
26th                 Officer/Planning Meeting                                            7:30pm